problems ranged from Morse Code transcription to electronic mail


     The group was led by Albert vezza, now Infocom's Chairman

and Chief Executive Officer, and included a number of people now

working for Infocom: Joel Berez, President; Marc Blank, Vice

President for Product Development; Dave Lebling, Consultant and

Game Designer; Dr. J.C.R. Licklider, Board member; Ed Black,

Senior Project Manager; Christopher Reeve, Consultant; Stu

Galley, Senior Game Designer; Richard weissberg, Product Manager;

Tim Anderson, Consultant; and Brian Berkowitz, Senior Software

Engineer. Other members of the group active in the initial

development of interactive fiction were Mike Broos, first

President of Infocom; Scott Cutler, who developed Infocom's

interpreter for the TRS-80; and Bruce Daniels, who developed

Infocom's interpreter for the Apple series of microcomputers.

     One day, a fantasy game called AdventureTM appeared on the

group's mainframe computer. The innovative features of Adventure

were its story-like nature and its use of English input rather

than code words, enabling the player to communicate with the

computer through two-word, verb-noun commands.

     The M.I.T. group knew that with the sophisticated tools at

their disposal, they could create a far more intricate version.

Blank, Anderson, Reeve and Daniels had designed and developed a

high-level computer language named MDL (known as "Muddle"). MDL

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