Its products - designed to operate on all of the popular

brands of personal computers - have secured dominant shelf space

in retail outlets across the country. Each Infocom story has

proven to be a winner, as reflected by highly regarded sales

polls such as the SOFTSEL Hot List. As many as 10 of the top 20

programs on the Hot List have been Infocom's.

     The company has received numerous awards, including Best

Computer Game Awards from OMNI, and ROLLING STONE for SuspendedTM;

SOFTWARE MERCHANDISING Software Best Seller Awards for ZorkR I

and Zork II; SOFTSEL Hot List Best Seller Award for Zork I;

ELECTRONIC GAMES magazine Best Computer Adventure Award for

DeadlineTM and The WitnessTM; VIDEO GAME UPDATE Best Adventure

Game Award for InfidelTM; BILLBOARD Best Overall Computer

Software Adventure Title Award for Zork I; and VIDEO REVIEW ViRA

Award for PlanetfallTM. Planetfall was also selected as one of

the top programs in the 1984 Summer Consumer Electronics Show

Software Showcase.


     Infocom is the result of strong working relationships begun

at the Laboratory for Computer Science at the Massachusetts

Institute for Technology. In the 1970's, a group known as

Dynamic Modeling Systems worked in the lab to develop programming

tools for interactive artificial intelligence problems. These

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