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Interactive-Fiction:  n hyphened; abbr -- IF  1 : fiction a reader/player can interact with   2 a : computer game   b : slang : adventure game   c : archaic : all-text adventure game -- present-day IF may contain graphics and/or sound   3 : computerized short story or novel   4 : a computer game or narrative in which the player plays the protagonist and seems able to affect the plot's development and/or outcome   5 : may have puzzles (i.e. find the key/code/magic spell to unlock a door), or be puzzleless  6 : warning: highly addictive

The Interactive Fiction Wiki
Everything You Wanted to Know About IF But Were Afraid to Ask
(by David Welbourn, Gregoire Schneller, and Carl Muckenhoupt
with editing by the IF community)
The Storybook Kingdom of IF
An Infocom & Post-Infocom Historical Fable
(with The Real Story, some real Iffy History as well)
An Iffy Theory
The Meta-Puzzle of Interactive-Fiction
My Games
IF "games" I have written.
Inform 6 Programming Tips and Links

Doe's Inform Primer
My Inform 6 Tutorial
Inform 6 Glulx/Glk for Dunces
Glk/Glulx Tutorial with the "Infglk Wrapper Reference"
(summarizes all the infglk functions)
Grokking Glk
An easy Glulx Inform 6 Add-on Glk Library, Unglk Lib, with "Brief Glk" documentation and "Just a Dream" and "Vistas" demos
Roger Firth's Instant IF Index
The IF Art Gallery
I am hostess for this almost-annual contest.

The IF Review Conspiracy
I helped coordinate volunteers who reviewed non-Annual-Comp games. This site is defunct but is now archived here.
Brass Lantern
Stephen Granade's archive of IFRC reviews at Brass Lantern

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