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Click to download zip of Spring 1999 entries.  1999 Spring IF Art Show

Crystal Ball (Still Life) - Best of Show
      by Marian Taylor
Pillow (Still Life) by Chad Schultz *
The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Landscape)
      by Gunther Schmidl *

Judges: Mike Berlyn, Michael Gentry, Marnie Parker,
Mike Roberts, Dan Shiovitz, and Lucian P. Smith

Click to download zip of Summer 1999 entries.  1999 Summer IF Art Show

Statue (Still Life) - Best of Show
      by David Clysdale *
Wheel (Still Life) - by John Toomey *

Judges: David Dyte, Michael Gentry, Christopher Huang, David Lebling, Mike Roberts, and Lucian P. Smith

* Artists are exhibiting an updated versions, submitted after deadlines & judging.
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