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Symbolic Engine (Still Life) - Best of Show
      by Evan Schull
Varronis Museum (Scenery) - Honorable Mention
      by David Garcia
Rendition (Portrait) by nespresso

Eric Eve, Victor Gijsbers, Jon Ingold, Jacqueline Lott, Mike Roberts, and Adam Thornton

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image of art exhibits in lobby
Second Floor Mezzanine
2004 IF Art Show

The Fire Tower by Jacqueline A. Lott
Flametop by Dave J. Malaguti
Swanglass by Yoon Ha Lee
The Battle of Walcot Keep
     by Steve Breslin with Eric Eve
      and Lindsey Hair
     Illustrated by Michael Bechard
Last Ride of the Night
     by Mordechai Shinefield

Judges: J.D. Berry, Jon Ingold, Mike
Roberts, Emily Short, Adam Thornton,
and Chrysoula Tzavelas
North Wing
2003 IF Art Show

The Queen of Swords
     by Jessica Knoch
Redemption by Kathleen M. Fischer
A Stop For the Night by Joe Mason
The Tarot Reading
     by Michael Penman
Friendly Foe by Mike Sousa
Ogres by Alan DeNiro

Judges: J.D. Berry, Stephen Granade, Jon Ingold, Andrew Pontious, Mike Roberts, and Emily Short

East Wing
2001 IF Art Show

Ribbons by J.D. Berry
Memories by Guilherme Holt De Sousa
La Lagune de Montaigne
     by Caleb Wilson
English Suburban Garden
     by Dan D. Lyons aka Cedric Knight

Judges: Kathleen M. Fischer, Stephen
Granade, Jon Ingold, Mike Roberts,
Dan Schmidt, and Lucian P. Smith
West Wing
2000 IF Art Show

Galatea by Emily Short
The Cove by Kathleen M. Fischer
The Statuette by Ian Ball
The Guitar of the Immortal Bard
     by Jason Burns
Sparky and Boots by James Bernsen
The Visitor by Peter Polkinghorne
Custard by Evin Robertson
Words Get... by Gunther Schmidl

Judges: Sam Barlow, Ian Finley, Mike Roberts, Dan Schmidt, and Lucian P. Smith
South Wing
1999 Spring IF Art Show

Crystal Ball by Marion Taylor
Pillow by Chad Schultz
The Possibity of Life's Destruction
     by Gunther Schmidl

Judges: Mike Berlyn, Michael Gentry, Marnie Parker, Mike Roberts, Dan Shiovitz, and Lucian P. Smith

1999 Summer IF Art Show

Statue by David Clysdale
Wheel by John Toomey

Judges: David Dyte, Michael Gentry, Christopher Huang, David Lebling, Mike Roberts, and Lucian P. Smith


Examples by Doe
(aka Marnie Parker)

Visualizing (Landscape)
Carma (Portrait)
(This was also an entry in the 2001 Annual Competition.)

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