How To Play These Exhibits

Exhibits are compressed into zip files. They can be unzipped with a decompressing program such as Winzip or Pkunzip. Once unzipped you can easily determine the game type by the file extensions.

Common Game Data Types:
  1. .z5 or .z8 or or blorb or zblorb - Inform
  2. .gam - TADS
  3. .hex - Hugo
  4. two files, .acd & .dat - Alan
Each game type was written in a different IF computer language which used a different compiler to create the data file. So each game type needs its own type of interpreter to play it (an interpreter is the program that "runs" the data file). Interpreters for the various types of exhibits are available at They are also customized into executables for different platforms (PC compatible, 386, 486; Mac; Acorn; etc.). However, note that not all interpreters are customized for all machines.

The Interactive Fiction Wiki - Everything you want to know about IF (but were afraid to ask).

A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction - Good instructions for playing IF.

Interpreters for Inform exhibits can be found at:

Interpreters for all other types of exhibits can be found at:
(If you are presented with a choice, choose the executables directory.)

Gargoyle - An IF player that supports all the major interactive fiction formats.

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