How to Exhibit at the IF Art Gallery

  1. Decide if you want to enter an IF Art Show or not.
  2. Decide which category your exhibit would fit: Object(s), Scenery or NPC (if you plan to enter or NOT).
  3. Email the curator (me) and say that you want to exhibit. Also say if it is for eventual entry into an IF Art Show (or not) and which category.
  4. After you have heard back from me, email your exhibit, zipped.
  5. If you are NOT going to enter an IF Art Show, let me know if you would like your exhibit put on display for a "limited engagement",i.e. for a limited length of time.
  6. If you do not specify a limited engagement, your exhibit will be put on permanent display. ALL exhibits will remain on permanent display, even IF Art Show entries (which are ONLY displayed exclusively at the Art Gallery for the FIRST two weeks before also being displayed permanently at
  7. The decision of whether exhibits that are NOT IF Art Show entries will also be put on permanent display at is up to the creator of the exhibit.

Why you might want to exhibit:

  1. To enter an IF Art Show.
  2. To enter an IF Art Show, EARLY. To not have to be working on your entry up until at the last minute. Your exhibit will be entered in the next Show that occurs after you put it on display. This will also allow potential judges to play and evaluate it early, as well. (Yes, this means you can make adjustments, as long as they are made before the next Show deadline.)
  3. To NOT enter an IF Art Show. Huh? Well, as surprising as it may seem, not all of us respond well to competition. Or respond well to competition in artistic/creative endeavors. I, for example, don't; although I will try to "kill" Backgammon and Euchre opponents. But I prefer to limit my competitive feelings to actual games. I may be alone in this, I may not.
  4. To try the "exercise" for fun, to create an example for others, to see what you can do, to flex/increase your IF writing and programming skills, to get feedback; whatever. Note that I will only display exhibits that (if not entering) still fit the IF Art Show's basic rules and guide lines: minimal plot, no puzzles and no "real" score. Also only those exploring one category.
  5. To let others experience your work. Because it's no fun to create things no one else will "see". No fun not to have an audience.
  6. If you are a "newbie", to show the IF community what you can do (without having to write a complex and complete "game").
  7. Or if you are an "old timer", maybe you have been working on a big game (or several) for a long, long time and are getting frustrated and burning out because you are beginning to feel others will never see what you can do. Exhibiting offers you one way. ;-)

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